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New on Tuesday: Simon & the Sasquatch

I decided to continue my cryptid romance adventure! The series Falling for Cryptids will be an ongoing, thematically linked series about humans who literally fall and accidentally find love with a mythical being. Did you enjoy Yuri & the Yeti? Got ideas for my cryptids? My writing cheering squad has been lobbing ideas at me, but I’d welcome any from readers, too!

On Tuesday, book two in Falling for Cryptids will release. It features Simon, a botanist backpacking in the Pacific Northwest wilderness as he studies the trees, and Gala, a lonely sasquatch who really needs a friend.

This novella is approximately 28k words of “what is even happening right now?” to friends to lovers. There will probably be a follow up short story for both this and Yuri & the Yeti that will be available to newsletter subscribers…when I get that whole newsletter thing set up. And write the shorts.

The important thing is that I haven’t abandoned these stories and I don’t intend to! 🙂 Happy reading!