Close Quarters

A Sexy Best Friend’s Sibling Novella

Landon agreed to let his best friend’s sister crash with them, but six months of coping with her messes and trying to ignore his uncomfortable crush on her have taken their toll, and Landon’s losing patience fast.

After college, Hyacinth is broke and in debt, so she’s definitely taking advantage of her brother’s hospitality. Besides, leaving would mean missing the eye candy that is her brother’s best friend every day.

They’ve spent six months antagonizing each other, but one moment changes everything for both of them.

Yuri & the Yeti

A Monster Love Story

Yuri is shocked with the news that his relationship is over – on a mountain, halfway around the world from home, in the dead of winter. Fleeing the emotional fallout, Yuri injures himself and wakes up in the mountain home of…a yeti?

Muunokhoj has been curious about humans since first seeing some in his youth, but as a yeti he can only observe from a distance. When a distressed backpacker collapses near his home, he cannot leave the human freeze, so he takes the unconscious human home.

After a shaky start, their friendship is tested by the inevitability of Yuri’s departure. But where is home for Yuri now?

Content notes: Protagonists discuss wanting children and the possibility of not being able to have them.

At present, all of my books include at least one on-page sex scene. Swearing also included.